Anyone who’s been keeping up with events from around the globe is aware of the effects of climate change. Higher temperatures along with unpredictable and extreme weather conditions have affected the water cycle and deteriorated the quality of the water.


The recent five-year drought in California was the worst water crisis to hit the golden state since the 1600s. Raindrop US was founded in response to the drought, & on the belief, that the state which houses the heart of technological advances and innovation - the silicon valley- could also find tech-based solutions for its climate change problems

In order to facilitate water conservation and spread awareness, an Internet of Things reference architecture is utilized to deploy the following components of the water conservation platform.

Spread Awareness

An IOS and Android App that allows registered users to share water conservation ideas and report water wastage while building connections with community members. The app allows incentives in terms of virtual coins that users can redeem.


Analytics & Reporting

By utilizing historical water usage data combined with the current usage of water statistics, we can predict water usage based on the current levels of the Reservoir. This allows the counties to harness best water management practices.


The water conservation platform facilitates users by providing them with information. This information, directly and indirectly, works to curtail excessive use of water and helps create an aware community that is trying to protect the ‘stuff of life’.

Proactive Measures

The IoT platform utilizes Raspberry Pi and Arduino sensors to provide real-time notifications to users about humidity levels in their lawns. This allows them to use only the necessary amount of water. This helps in reducing water loss that happens due to evaporation and runoff.


The platform also utilizes county level individual water usage data to notify users who are approaching the water usage thresholds. This allows them to adjust their water usage and conserve more.